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Singeing Singeing

Desizing Desizing

Pre Washing Prewashing

Mercerising Mercerising

Bleaching Bleaching

Heat Setting Heat Setting


Optic Dyeing Optic

Reactive Dyeing Reactive

Vat Dyeing Vat

Acid Dyeing Acid

Disperse Dyeing Disperse

Basic Dyeing Basic

Pigment Dyeing Pigment

Fluorescent Dyeing Fluorescent

Thermochromic Dyeing Thermochromic

Photochromic Dyeing Photochromic

Sulfur Dyeing Sulfur

Indigo Dyeing Indigo

Chemical Finishing

Elasticity Elasticity

Softening Softening

Silk Touch Silk Touch

Parfum Smell Parfum Smell

Sewing Improbability Sewing Improbability

Easy Care Easy Care

Physical Finishing

Raising Raising

Brush Sueding Brush Sueding

Shearing Shearing

Tumbling Tumbling

Technical Applications

Uv protection Uv protection

Flame retardant Flame retardant

Insect repellent Insect repellent

Antibacterial Antibacterial

Water and soil repellent Water and Oil repellent

Photochromic Dyeing

Photochromic Dyeing


Photochromic textiles change color as a result of reaction to UV-Light.

The colors reveals when itis exposed to sunlight (UV-Light).
They lose this light activated coloration when the light source is removed.
The color streght depends on the sunlight (UV-Light part)
They are classified as smart textiles because they are sensitive to external environment conditions.

Other chromic smart textiles are:
Thermochromic: Sensitive to heat
Electrochromic: Sensitive to electricity
Piezochromic: Sensitive to pressure
Solvatochromic: Sensitive to solvents

Play tools for kids
Fantasy designes for fashion
Albino patient's electronic wear
Watch bands
UV detection wear
Security badges
Shade nets
Agriculture nets

Smart Textiles

Smart Textiles

Color Name
Color fastness to artificial light
ISO 105 B02
Color fastness to dry cleaning
ISO 105 D01
Color fastness to laundering
ISO 105 C06
Color fastness to dry heat
ISO 105 P01
Yellow 4 3 4
Orange 4 4 3 4
Red 4 4 3 4
  Sky Blue 4 4 3 4
  Blue 4 4 3 4
  Violet 4 4 3 4

Order Data
Photochromic Dyeing (1 Color): PRS141
Photochromic Dyeing (2 Color): PRS142
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